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Beehive in Perth

The Perth Honey Company is a small family-owned and operated business in Perth, Western Australia.

We supply locally sourced raw honey and other bee products, as well as offering beekeeping services.

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Bee Removal

Have an established beehive or swarm of bees that you need removed? Find out how we can help you.

Hive Hosting

If you've got some spare space and would like to host beehives, let us know.

Western Australian honey

A taste of WA

Western Australian honey is some of the purest available anywhere in the world. Due to our isolation and strong quarantine protections, we are fortunate to be able to manage our bees without the use of any chemicals. This means that our honey and beeswax is as pure as can be found anywhere.

Frame of brood from beehive near Perth, Western Australia

Raw unprocessed honey

The real deal

We take pride in processing our honey and ensure that it is delivered from the hive to the customer in as raw condition as possible. Our honey does not undergo any heat treatment or dilution. With no added impurities it is as pure as the bees intended it to be.

Beekeeping in Perth, Western Australia

The Perth Honey Company

Small business, big goals

By choosing to shop with us, you are supporting a small local business that is passionate about bees and beekeeping. The services we offer assist the community through the removal and relocation of bees. Your support enables us to continue to provide cost-effective solutions to bee problems, and to ensure the survivability of these important insects.


We strive to bring our customers the best possible products and services and are always seeking innovative new ways to do so.